Monday, 13 November 2017

Local miniatures for local people

A couple of new releases on the way from Crooked Dice and a perfect fit with the Hurdy Gurdy Man from a previous post. The Miller and his Wife. I see them more as shop keepers ;)

That's yer lot for this post.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Red Box Games Norse

A quick post to show some recent Red Box Games Norse I painted. These are part of a much bigger commission that long time followers will likely have seen me working through over quite some time now. There's also a Hasslefree Miniatures figure in there, Ynjen who fits in quite nicely.

Still more to do but onto other things next week.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarves

Another quick post to show some Blood Bowl chaos dwarves I painted up for a commission. These will be going with some hobgoblins that I painted quite some time ago.

The owner converted a few of the models and added some extra details here and there for variety. There are three bull centaurs to do and a couple of minotaurs too.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Hello, Dave?

A quick post to show a couple of models I painted for Crooked Dice a few of weeks ago. There's the Hurdy Gurdy Man which in these 'enlightened' times seemed to confuse a couple of people on Facebook who weren't familiar with a certain British comedy series.

And my favourite, the Crow King.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Otherworld Miniatures Judge's Guild

Another quick post to show a few more figures from Otherworld Miniatures Judge's Guild range that I painted recently. Some nice characterful pieces here. My favourite has to be the old paladin Holomir.

Holomir Goldheart and Cornelius.

Rufo the Ugly and Merth the Sheriff.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Crooked Dice Time Lost Heroes

Just a quickie. I painted up a few new releases for Crooked Dice recently. These are their Time Lost Heroes and feature a Flying Ace, Fortune Hunter, Time Traveller and Jet Pack Hero. I wasn't initially sure what colours to paint the jet pack hero. All I knew was that it wasn't to be painted blue so of course I kept thinking of blue. My next thought was to go with red but I thought it might end up looking a bit too much like another model I did a while back. Finally went out on a limb and picked a very 50's comic book inspired colour scheme and it seemed to do the trick.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

AoS Stormcast Eternals Liberators

Another post so quickly! Well I finished my fifth Stormcast Liberator yesterday which gives me a full, albeit small unit and I'm really chuffed to have actually got these done. I started the first model right before the new year and have been joking ever since that I might get the unit finished before this Christmas due to my rather slow personal output. Anyway, a few pics of the unit.

The bases are topped with flagstones made from plastic sheet. I wanted something that looked like it could be a ruined temple or a slightly fantastical city street so went with hexagonal paving slabs. Not an easy shape and sometimes I wonder why I had to make things so bloody awkward but I think it looks pretty good. I originally tried out the hex slabs on a couple of Melnibonean models I painted years ago so I still have the template I used. Couldn't help thinking at times that the bases still looked a little lacking in some way but thankfully GW released new basing materials and they're exactly what I needed. I've sparingly used the Barbed Bracken and just one skull but I'm sure I'll use them more extensively on future models.

It's been a bit of a learning curve working on these as previously I'd not touched any of GW's current models. Whenever I begin work on a model that's a different style to what I'm familiar with it can throw me a little and take a bit of time to get used to the sculpting and how best to paint it. Those first few Liberators came together quite slowly but the last two were a lot quicker and easier to work through. But, just as I get used to painting these they're done and I'm ready to move onto slightly more challenging models. I have a Lord Relictor ready to start that I'm hoping isn't as complex as it might seem and I also built a Lord Celestant on Dracoth which will be one hell of a job. I've a selection of other heroes that I'd like to work on as well before I delve back into painting additional troop types. Maybe I'll get one or two things added before Christmas!